dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Fire at Intelligent Mobile Department

Destructive fire at the Intelligent Mobility department of GroupT Leuven Engineering School.
The Umicore Imagine Solarcar is unharmed, but the overall damage is severe.

maandag 13 februari 2012

Dear person reading this,
     You're here because you're actively   
     procrastinating or avoiding real work, 
     aren't you? It's too.

Dear Cat,
     Sorry for hoisting you into the air    
     whenever 'The Circle of Life' plays.


Dear Internet,
     Please stop with the talking ads that 
     start on their own.

Non Committal Valentines Day Cards

zaterdag 4 februari 2012

Wellesly College Boston

Inside the Science Center

Red Plant outside (obviously not a plant expert)

 Lake Waban

More info about Wellesly: wiki/Wellesley_College

Freeloading Spiders

I hate when spiders sit there on the wall, 
and act like they pay rent.

Tribal Choker DIY

SuperCool tribal choker DIY from
Easy, inexpensive and would look great under a collar of a dresshirt.
I would probably leave out the studs/pins.