zondag 21 augustus 2011

Choco Prince Petit Beurre Cake


For this delicious no-oven-cookie/cake you'll need:
- cookies, originally petit beurre cookies, but you can make it with whatever you want.
- some cooled down chocolate milk or coffee of a mixture of both
- soft butter mixed with powdered suger until the desired taste, don't use normal sugar, 
makes it really unpleasent cake to eat because you don't actually bake it.
I also add cinnamon and vanilla essence to this.
- box of sprinkles (you'll need lots) to decorate or you can also make a glaze 
with sugar, water and some food color.

Now you just dip a cookie in the chocolate milk/coffee until the cookie 
absorbed it all the way through and becomes a bit weak, 
then you put it on a plate (or some baking paper).
Next thing is a layer of the butter-sugar mixture, I prefer a thin layer.
Then you soak another cookie and keep building until prefered height.
You end with a cookie, and some decoration you want.
I covered the entire 'tower' in butter-sugar mixture and added sprinkled that stick to it.
But you can also make a chocolate glaze or standard sugar glaze and decorate with candy.
traditionally this cake is made in a rectangular shape (due to the shape of 
the petit beurre cookies), but I've also made one in a heart shape by cutting 
the rectangular cake after building (so the cookies are moist and don't break as easy) 
and topped it with hot pink frosting and different kinds of pink candy.

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