donderdag 25 augustus 2011

Survival Bracelet DIY

Survival bracelets are really a way to carry a piece of rope.
Normally these are made with paracord, initially used in US parachutes in World War II.
I looked everywhere but couldn't find any paracord, so I used 2 m climbing rope,
which can cary up to 6.2 kN static force.
But I will keep looking for some paracord, because this has 7 cords in it's core, 
therefor a bracelet of 2m really is 14m of rope.
Here you can read some stories about situations where people used their bracelet.
For mine I bought the rope at A.S. Adventure, used a washer and took the closure from 
an ugly key chain to hang around your neck.
If you want to make one check out, 
he has a great tutorial!

I love it! Its chunky and fabolous.
But I think it might look even better with thinner, more flexible paracord.

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