zondag 28 augustus 2011

DIY Skull Cut Off Jeans

I started with an old jeans I got at H&M men's department, 
but it had a weird fit so I didn't wear it alot.

How To:
1. Cut off legs, and fold hem
2. Draw skull on piece of fabric from one of the cut off legs
3. Cut out skull
4.  Iron skull on back pocket with sticky tape, normally used to
hem (skirts for example) without sewing.

At first I wanted to cut out a Día de los Muertos type of skull, 
but eventually I went with the more simple design, 
because all those little pieces are more difficult to attach with the tape.
I Love how it turned out, 
I'll bet I will wear those jeans much more now!
Maybe after a while I will handsew the flowers on the skull.

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